Cheap Auto Insurance, not always the best

Why You Should Not Go For Cheap Car Insurance

When people are looking for car insurance in San Antonio, they will often try and search for the best price out there, even if that means taking up insurance with companies that aren’t very well known. It’s important to remember that what may seem like more affordable insurance is not always worth it. Yes, you may be paying a lot less, but there are many reasons why cheaper insurance policies aren’t what you should be going for.

The difference between cheap and affordable car insurance

When it comes to the words cheap and affordable, people may assume they mean the same thing. There is actually quite a big difference between these, especially when it comes to car insurance. The cost of auto insurance goes hand in hand with what coverage you receive with your policy. You can get some pretty cheap car insurance, which at first may look like a great deal, but they tend to offer a very small amount of coverage. car Insurance san antonio

If you do some more research and pay a little extra, you’ll be able to find affordable car insurance which offers all the protection needed but at a lower price. Don’t jump into buying the cheapest insurance option you find, take your time and compare low-cost insurance. You want to find a deal that offers not only an excellent price but also provides you the best coverage and services too.

The disadvantages of choosing cheap car insurance

Choosing the cheapest car insurance you can find could result in quite a few drawbacks. A lot of people don’t notice these because the low price is so inviting.

Disadvantages include:

● Insufficient coverage – This is one of the main downsides to the cheapest car insurance. Often with cheaper car insurance you do not receive as much coverage, this means that if you are in an accident, you are at a higher risk. You are most likely only to get minimum coverage, which is a legal requirement, but this means you will not have any coverage on yourself and your vehicle. You would only have liability insurance, so you would be covered when it came to paying for the damage of an accident you caused, but you will have to pay for your medical bills, car repair or replacement.
● Poor customer service – Always look at customer reviews before you go ahead with an insurance company. You may find that customer service is poor with cheaper insurance meaning the important processes can become confusing and sometimes misleading.
● Out of pocket costs – If you choose high deductibles on your car insurance policy, this can leave you with high out of pocket expenses in the event of an accident. A high deductible may give you a lower premium, but this is not a smart move because no one is safe from the possibility of having a car accident.

Insurance Scams

Cheap car insurance can sometimes mean an insurance scam. They may come across as a great deal that looks too good to be true, and that’s exactly what it could be. Potentially, you could go to file a claim one day and find out the insurance you thought you had, never actually existed.
Car insurance san antonio
It’s your job when you are choosing car insurance to make sure the company and the insurance are legitimate. If you have come across an affordable car insurance deal, research the company carefully.

Here are some warning signs to look out for:

● Mistakes can easily be made, but keep an eye out for any typos in the company’s advertising or paperwork.
● If they don’t give you an insurance ID card
● If the price is greatly lower than other providers offering the same or similar deal
● If the business wants full payment by money order or cash
● Make sure their website is secure – the URL should start with ‘https.’

While cheap insurance may be tempting, the last thing you want is to end up not getting the appropriate coverage you need. Take the time to do your research and be prepared to pay what your policy is worth.
More information about car insurance:

Auto Insurance For Beginners

Auto Insurance For Beginners

By law, when a person is involved in an accident, they are required to pay for the damage caused. Buying automobile liability insurance means the driver who needs to pay the money has a way of doing so. Auto liability insurance covers third party injury and damage only, so the owner of the insurance and their property are not covered. When a person is at fault in an accident, this insurance pays for the third party’s medical expenses and car repair.

Depending on which state you live in, there will be a different minimum amount of insurance you must buy that meets that state’s financial responsibility law. The minimum amount may not always cover the costs to other drivers due to the price of medical care and cars. It’s a good idea to buy some insurance that covers you too; this will protect you financially.Auto Insurance san antonio

Financial Responsibility Proof

A proof-of-insurance card will be sent to you by your insurance company. This card is important and must be shown under certain circumstances:

● When you have an accident
● When you are asked by a police officer for it
● When getting or renewing your driver’s license
● When registering your car
● When your car is inspected

If you violate the state’s financial responsibility law, you could face these penalties:

● Causing an accident with serious injury or death: you will have to pay a maximum fine, do one year in jail or both.
● Driving without a license: You will have to pay a fine of around $2,000, do less than a year of jail time or both.
● Additional offense: You will have to pay a fine of $350 to $1,000, your driving license will be suspended and car impounded.
● First offense: You will have to pay a fine of $175 to $350.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance can pay for medical expenses, towing, rental cars, court costs, car repair or replacement and other charges. Make sure to read your insurance policy carefully as all coverages vary and may not include all of the above. There may be some limitations to your auto insurance policy:

● Named driver
● Business use
● Excluded Driver
● Intentional acts
● Racing

Liability Coverage

What your liability coverage pays for:

● Lost wages, compensation for pain and suffering, medical and funeral costs
● Damages awarded by a court
● Car rental
● Car repair or replacement
● Attorney fees if someone sues you for the accident
● Money towards your bail if you are arrested for the accident

Who your liability coverage covers:

● Yourself and family members
● Others driving your car with permission

Check your policy declaration page to see whose names are listed for coverage.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Collision and comprehensive coverage will pay for the repair or replacement costs of your car. It covers you, your family, others driving your car with permission and your passengers. The comprehensive side of the coverage can also pay for rental cars or transportation if your vehicle is stolen.

Medical Cost Coverage

Medical payment coverage pays for your medical or funeral costs from an accident; this covers you, your family and passengers regardless of who the accident was caused by.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

PIP pays for the same as medical payment coverage does but also pays for the cost of a caregiver and gives 80 percent of lost income. This covers you, family members and passengers regardless of who the accident was caused by.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

UM/UIM coverage pays for any expenses caused by a hit and run driver, an uninsured motorist or a driver who does not have enough insurance. This also covers any personal property inside your car that was damaged. It covers you, your family, passengers and those driving your car with your permission.
There are two types of UM/UIM coverage:

● Bodily injury UM/UIM
● Property damage UM/UIM

Towing and Labor Coverage

This pays for the cost of towing your car and any labor costs like changing a flat tire. This covers you, family members and people driving your car with permission.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

This will pay for a rental car if your own car is being repaired or if it has been stolen.

Young Drivers

You should be able to add your children onto your auto insurance; this can be expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than getting them their own separate insurance.

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Should you bundle your policies

Insurance Bundling Yes or No

Most insurance providers offer more than one type of insurance. Everything from home insurance to car, motorcycle, life, and boat insurance. In most cases bundling your insurance makes financial sense. After all, every homeowner requires home insurance, while every driver will need to purchase car Insurance san antonio

One of the best ways to save money on your insurance is to simply bundle policies together. By carrying multiple policies, rather than just one, you can save yourself time and save money on already competitive rates.

Common Insurance Mistake

When you first look at purchasing insurance, you typically just use the same provider as your parents or go with the one recommended by your real estate agent. You probably don’t put a great deal of thought into it, besides maybe shopping around for a cheaper deal.

However, there are much easier and more affordable ways to purchase your insurance policies. Rather than ending up with a hodgepodge of insurance carriers, you can bundle your policies with the same provider.

Having everything in one place means you won’ have to pay separate bills each month and possibly overpay for your combined insurance premiums. If you want to find out more about the benefits of bundling your home and car insurance, then read on.

How does it save you Money?

Bundling your insurance policies is often the easiest way to get the coverage you need at an affordable price. While many customers simply shop around for the cheapest insurance policies, they often don’t realize the benefits of purchasing their policies from the same provider.

In exchange for carrying multiple policies with the same company, you can often receive customer discounts known as multiline discounts. Customers often ask what benefits this provides for the insurance company. The answer to that is quite simple.

Providers always want to offer customers a high level of satisfaction. Previous studies suggest that people who purchase home and auto coverage from the same company are substantially more content.

Insurance companies don’t want clients that just came to them for a cheaper policy and then leave them a short while later for the next deal. Having loyal customers that stay with the company for years is far more preferable and offers benefits for the provider and customer alike.

What Other Benefits Does it Offer?

Having all of your insurance policies in one place makes it much easier to manage them. You can easily keep track of your claims, quickly pay your bill and update your policies at the same time if you undergo a life change that the insurance company should know about.

As a customer, you have to deal with less paperwork and enjoy a more simplified policy management. When it comes to renewing the policy, you only have to keep track of one date and when you have to make a claim you deal with the same provider each time.

If a natural disaster takes place in your area that causes damage to both your home and car, then you only have to worry about phoning up one provider. This can save a home and car owner a great deal of time and hassle.

Not only that, but you could also benefit from only having to pay one deductible on a claim that would have otherwise involved multiple companies. Of course, this depends on the type of bundle you have and whether or not it comes with a single deductible requirement.

Simply put, bundling your insurance policies is much more convenient and economical. If you already have a home policy and are buying a car, then be sure to ask for auto quotes. The same advice goes if you are a car owner looking to purchase a home.

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