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The Auto Insurance Quote – A True Reflection of No-Fault Insurance

The increasing price of the auto insurance rates today is a problem affecting all drivers all over the world because of the increasing incidents of lawsuit and fraud. There are tons of system manipulators who are trying to abuse the insurance claims. In return, auto insurance companies are trying to protect their businesses so they raise the prices of their insurances particularly for the vehicles.

But despite of the amplifying cost for the vehicle insurance, there are still some ways to find the car insurance quote that can suit your financial status or your budget. The more information you know about car insurance, the better you will find a deal that is just right for you.


More often than not, insurers are always promising their consumers that their auto insurance rates would decrease. Unfortunately, the no-fault car insurance is still considered as one of the highest quotes when it comes to car insurance. Aside from that, there is also a high number of abuse and fraud cases as well.

The Insurance Information Institute released an article stating that the no-fault vehicle insurance lets the consumers or the policyholders to have financial aid in recovering their loss after an accident had happened regardless of the person who is at fault. The no-fault system makes it appear that there is no one should be blamed in the accident at all.

If you are a policyholder of the no-fault car insurance, you will not have enough power to file a suit to the other driver involved especially with regard to injuries caused by the accident. More often than not, both parties that are involved in the no-fault system can never charge another for injuries unless the damage is already severe or the cost of treating the physical damage is very expensive. However, there is a standard minimum amount to follow.

The system would not actually give a discount to the already high amount of your car insurance. it would also not speed up the waiting time for your claims as well. Studies have shown that this type of insurance is really not effective at all.

The cost of court proceedings for the property damage of no-fault insurances is still high. This is due to the other individuals that have the right to file a case against you if ever you damage their property just like their car.

According to the founder of FTCR or Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, the no-fault car insurance only lived up to the promises of the so-called lower insurance premiums. Little do these consumers know that they could simply get a low insurance premium just by trying to avoid traffic violations, being a law abider, and a cautious driver the whole time.

There are several factors that can affect the ineffectuality of the no-fault car insurance. Both the main cause of the accident and the person who was injured is included and will be paid for all the medical expenses.

Honesty is The Best Policy

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Car Insurance Rates For Teenagers

We cannot blame insurance companies for charging very high car insurance rates for teenagers. If you still don’t know why their rates are so much higher relatively, this is because it has been proven that young drivers are involved in car wrecks more than other classes of drivers.

Statistics show that most serious crashes happen in the earliest months when the teenagers started driving. You can try to minimize car insurance rates for teenagers by having them co-operate with you.

Educate your teenagers on how to drive safely to get reasonable rates of car insurance for teenagers. Give them some guidelines to follow. For example, remind them to fasten their seatbelts when they drive and no night-time driving during their initial period of driving. Since teenagers are obsessed with the habit of text-messaging, they might not stop this habit even when they are driving. This is a very dangerous act and you must let them know that they should not text message their friends when they are driving.

Next, do not allow them to consume alcohol or drugs before they drive. New drivers like teenagers are usually prohibited from driving under alcohol influence. If they are caught driving under alcohol influence, their license might be suspended and this will leave a black mark on their driving record. Driving under alcohol influence will also increase their chance to be involved a in car crash.

You should also constantly remind them not to speed when they drive. Tell them that it is important to follow the speed limits that have been imposed. Speeding is one of the major factors that contribute to fatal crashes among teenagers and other classes of drivers. Show a good example by following the speed limits when you drive yourself. Your teenagers will hold bad driving records if they have numerous speeding tickets and warnings. These tickets and warnings will eventually break your hopes of getting cheap auto insurance rates for teenagers.

Teach your teenagers to drive in difficult situations. It is very dangerous to let them drive under such circumstances when they are not experienced enough. Supervise their driving when they drive under harsh weather and conditions such as heavy rains or slippery roads. Otherwise, ask them to drive only when the conditions are less severe. If you are not capable to coach them well, enroll them in defensive driving classes, and get professional trainers to train them to drive in these harsh situations. When they have better driving capabilities, they will be offered cheaper car insurance rates for teenagers.

Your teenagers will be able to drive safer when they manage to follow the tips above. Their risks would be minimized and therefore, allowing insurance companies to offer them reasonable car insurance rates for teenagers.


Get Cheap Car Insurance For Females Today!

Cheap car insurance for females is easier to find compared to males’ because insurance companies have a tendency to give out cheaper car insurance rates to females…

Car Insurance For Females – Tips And Tricks For Females!

Insurance companies are not sexist or in favor of females, they give out lower rates for females because statistically, females make fewer claims and less involved in accidents compared to males. Besides these reasons, there are more things that females can do to decrease their car insurance rates. If you are a female looking for cheaper car insurance rates, read on to find out how.

First of all, drive safely. Although it is shown in statistics that women are safer drivers compared to men, these statistics would not help you much if you are one of those reckless female drivers. Therefore, you should always drive carefully to maintain a good driving record. If you did make any claims or are accident-free for a long period of time, you will be entitled to more discounts for car insurance for females.

Remember to mention to your insurance agent if your car has been equipped with safety features. For example, if your car has alarms, anti-lock brakes, and airbags, your insurance company should be able to offer you lower rates for car insurance for women. This is because all these devices will help you to prevent any possible car thefts and accidents from happening.

Ask your agent whether you are eligible for any type of discount. Different insurance companies give out different kinds of discounts. You might ask for senior citizen discounts if you are 55 years old or more. You can also ask for certain discounts if you are involved in some specials organizations which have relations with your insurance company. Remember to mention your marital status if you are already married. Insurance companies usually give cheaper rates to married women.

If you are a young female, you might be charged higher rates compared to other females who are older. This is because younger people are being regarded as high risks drivers. However, you can always offset these high rates by adding your name under your parents’ policy. By having multiple cars under a single policy, your parents will be getting discounts and this helps you in getting cheap auto insurance. Otherwise, consolidate your other policies. If you happen to have a house or other cars to insure, insure with the same company and get multi-policy discounts from them!

Lastly, get a cheaper car. Females usually prefer smaller and safer cars compared to men. This is a very wise choice. Smaller cars are normally more economical than big cars and they are usually cheaper to insure. Safer cars will help you to drive with lower risk and thus reducing your possibility to meet with accidents and file claims. These types of cars will definitely help you a lot in your attempt to negotiate for cheaper car insurance for females.


If a Friend or Family Member Crashes Your Car, Who Is Financially Responsible?

There are times that family members or a friend may borrow your vehicle and you simply can’t just say No. But what if they met an accident? Who would be the one responsible for the expenses? If you and your friend both have vehicle insurances, your car insurance company will be the one who will shoulder the expenses aside from the deductibles. As long as you gave permission to the person involved, your car insurance company will cover the person as well as your car.

However, if the person who borrowed your vehicle had bodily injuries because of the road accident, the car insurance company of your friend will be covering for the expenses for the serious injuries. But your policy will be covering for the damages of the property especially if it was caused by your vehicle. Other than that, your car insurance company will also cover any expenses that need to be paid such as the legal fees if ever the other party will sue you. But by the time that the liability is more than your insurance limit, the court can get funds coming from your assets like your home so that you can pay for the necessary expenses to cover for the remaining cost of the damages. Remember that the liability coverage will never shell out money that is above your car insurance limit.

Unfortunately, there is a different case for those who will drive your vehicle without any insurance. This simply spells trouble. If in case that the damage caused by the family or the friend caused property damage or bodily injuries while using your vehicle and it exceeded your insurance limit, the other party who had injuries may sue you and ask you financial aid for the expenses.

On the other hand, if somebody drove your car without asking for your permission, you are no longer liable or responsible for any expenses. Why? First of all, the vehicle was taken without your consent. Therefore, anything that happens while the vehicle and the driver are on the road is beyond your knowledge. If your friend or the family member has insurance, their company will be the one to pay for all the damages, may it be bodily injuries or property damages. However, if they do not have insurance, it will be your collision insurance that will pay for the damages of your vehicle. At the same time, the liability insurance will be covering any damage to the other party as a result of the road accident. But more often than not, the insurance companies will always assume that your family member or your friend will always have the consent to drive your car.

Just in case that your car was driven by a theft or simply stolen, there is no way that you will be held responsible for any damage and even in the damage that happened to the property of the other party. However, you still can use the collision insurance so that you can pay for the expenses when repairing your car.

Regardless of the scenario, it is wise to understand the intricacies of your insurance policy and exercise common sense when loaning your car to roommates, friends, and relatives. Remember, insurance mandates differ by state. Check with your state’s department of insurance to learn the rules and regulations where you live.


Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

We take the confusion out of buying the protection you need. We have contracted with many of the top car insurance agents, who can give you the car insurance policy you need at a price you can afford. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and a little information.

The Proven Steps Of Getting Cheap Auto Insurance Quote!

Cheap auto insurance is nothing strange to us anymore. People around are trying to find a cheap auto insurance quote nowadays as they realized cheap auto insurance can bring as many benefits as an expensive one if we actually do something to lower our costs of auto insurance. You can try to follow the following steps if we are looking for cheap auto insurance.

First of all, try to make your vehicle as protected as you can. You can try to install safety devices that will help prevent your vehicle from theft and damages such as anti-theft alarms and steering locks. Nowadays, these devices can be easily available and you can even buy them and install them yourself as they are getting more user-friendly for the vehicle drivers. Not only will these devices help your vehicle to avoid theft and damages happening to your car, but they can also get you in a better position to get a cheap auto insurance quote.

You can also try to reduce the medical payments on your liability insurance if you already have a separate health or medical insurance. This will help you to get cheap auto insurance as the separate health insurance will help to cover your medical expenses if you are injured by accidents.

You can also opt for a low-mileage auto insurance policy which is generally cheaper than normal traditional car insurance policy if you are looking for a cheap auto insurance quote. Try to take public transport whenever it is convenient for you so that you can choose not to drive your car on that day. This will keep your car mileage low and you will be able to save a lot of money on your annual auto insurance premiums by having a low mileage auto insurance policy.

Besides that, you might also want to consider buying group car insurance because the insurance company will offer a cheap auto insurance quote if you belong to certain clubs or organizations. Some insurance companies offer you cheaper auto insurance if you are an employee of a large organization that has agreements with the insurance company to provide cheap auto insurance for their employees. Women drivers might also get discounts when they are looking for cheap auto insurance from some insurance companies specialized in providing insurance coverage for women.

If you already have an insurance policy with a certain insurance company and you choose to remain with it, you can still get a cheap auto insurance quote by browsing through various auto insurance plans offered by the company. You can opt for a new cheap auto insurance policy from them that can help save your money further if you feel that you no longer need the previous expensive auto insurance. If you are planning to change to another insurance company, try to do some research to determine which insurance company has the best insurance policy that suits your needs of having auto insurance in terms of costs and protection.

To sum it up, there are many ways that you can follow in order to get a cheap auto insurance quote. If you think you can get as many benefits from cheap auto insurance as an expensive one, by all means, go for it.